Step 1

  • Purchase Oracle from the Game Menu and get it to Rank 3 - do this in the same method as you would farm XP. You also need a Potion of Evasion from Reens at /arcangrove, who is located inside the tower in the bottom-right portal. These will be needed for later. If you already have a dodge class like Yami no Ronin, Horc Evader, Chrono Assassin, or likewise, you can use that instead.

  • Join /j6 and keep walking right to find the Sketchy Dragon, who you need to defeat to obtain J6's Secret Hideout Map from. After that, get a Dwakel Decoder from /crashsite by walking left into the barn then clicking on the red button above the boiler on the left side of the screen.

  • Equip the map and click on it from your character (not from your inventory), then roughly locate the 340,200 coordinates - the decoder should turn green at the top-left when you're close enough. Clicking when it's green will take you to /saloon. If clicking on the map does nothing, check if Disable Weapon Animations is on within Advanced Options - if so, turn it off then relog.

  • At /saloon, head inside and walk upstairs then enter the door to the right to find J6. You don't need to complete the other NPC's quests in this map. At J6, click these in order: I want items! > Can I be your Friend? > More > Take Quiz!. The answers for it are:
    - Westion
    - Joe Jingle
    - Crystallised Dragon Breath
    - Dual Revolvers
    - Green
    - Thief
    After, take the coordinates to Hyperium. Open the map again and click on the 525,275 coordinates.
    This will take you to Hyperium, which you cannot access with the /join command. You can also delete the Map and Dwakel Decoder if you wish.

  • At Hyperium, go through the portal to the left and find the room with turrets. Here you'll need to use the Potion of Evasion and Oracle's Foretell ability, or your dodge class, to pass by the turrets without dying. After, go to J6 past the 2 doors. Click just below his belt on the right leg to get the Access Card. Use it to access the elevator in the room left of J6, which has a green and red button. Go inside it and click the middle button. Inside is the VR Room, where you can click on the screen to the left to access Chapters of the story.

Step 2

Select Chapter 6 from the VR Room. Then, walk to the 2nd screen inside the train and take the Key Card from the Conductor (he's wearing a blue hat) by clicking on his pocket. Continue walking right for a while until you reach the boiler room then click on the boiler's door. Find the bolt on the right then pull upwards from the top of it to open the boiler. Take the crystal from inside. Click on the large pipe protruding from the right of the screen. Click and drag anti-clockwise on the wheel to open it. Now walk along the rooftops to the left until you can go back to Hyperium.

If you need to get to Hyperium in the future, find Sandsea on the World Map then click on Hyperium Starship at the bottom.
Back at Hyperium, go into the elevator and select the bottom button. Then, press on the red circle on the screens to access H.A.L.'s missions. Complete "Mission 1" by defeating Zardman Grunts at /forest and "Mission 2" by defeating Sneeviltron at /boxes (walk right).

Step 3

Defeat Femme Cult Worshipers at /fotia (located at end of map) for Datadisk 5. Return to the VR Room at /hyperium and complete Chapter 5 by doing the quests at /moonyardb.

Return to H.A.L. and complete "Mission 3" by defeating Lesser Shadow Serpent at /marsh2 and "Mission 4" by defeating Lesser Groglurk at /marsh2.

Step 4

Join /sewer and walk right until you reach Verick. Click on the disk in the water to obtain Datadisk 4. Return to the VR Room and select Chapter 4 then start Main Mission. In this minigame, you have to click in certain locations on the ranger to shoot them. If they shoot at you, either press the down or up arrow depending on how high they shot.

  • Blue - Click belt

  • Pink - Click crotch

  • Yellow - Click head

  • Black - Click left knee

  • Red - Click golden circle on belt

  • Green Foot - If you happen to get this, click on the bottom toenail

Then you need to defeat 6 Rocket Drones, disarm the bomb by cutting the top-right blue wire, and complete the Space minigame by moving your cursor around until J6's eyes turn a darker green and click.

Return to H.A.L. and complete "Mission 5" by defeating Harpy at /djinn and "Mission 6" by defeating any enemy in /volcano.

Step 5

Join /timevoid and take the left path until you reach the snake head - click in the middle of its green eye to get Datadisk 3. Go to the VR Room and complete Chapter 3 by watching the cutscene. Then, complete J6's quests at /hyperium.

  • "Fuel For Fight"
    Cactus Creeper at /sandsea, Acornent at /cloister, Robo Dog at /moonyardb (access from Chapter 5 in VR Room), and Scarecrow at /farm.

  • "Food for Flight"
    Gorillaphants at /arcangrove, Amethite at /earthstorm, Tune-a-Fish at /mythsong (walk up), and Red Ant at /giant.

  • "Vomit Comet"
    Tanuki at /bamboo, Neko Mata at /yokaigrave, Trobbles and Leatherwings at /guru, and purchase the Absorbent Mop from /yulgar.

  • "Sweet Dreams for a Safe Flight"
    Purchase from /thespan. Requires Rank 2

After this, you will head for /hyperspace by clicking Let's Go. Then, go to the VR Room here and then to H.A.L. to play a memory mini-game where you have to select the item that wasn't shown. If you're having trouble with it, try screenshotting the images. After, go back to J6 - in this cutscene it's highly important to side with J6 otherwise you'll have to redo this whole saga. Then, you can complete the next chapters.

Step 6

Complete Chapter 1-2 by doing Anita's and Booger's quests at /alley then return to the VR Room and watch the Prologue cutscene. Keep the Peanut as it's used for Awe-scension.