Eternal Inversionist.



  • Complete the storyline from /fourdpyramid > /yasaris.

Member + Non-Mem

  • Complete Future You - Part 2!'s "Sphynxes are Riddled With Gems" quest by defeating Stone Sphynxes to the right of the NPC in the same map. You can get to this area quicker by selecting the 4th Scarab from the bottom on the Map (top-right of the screen).
    Also make sure to enable Quest Log Turn-Ins and Reaccept Quest After Turn-In from Advanced Options. This way you can keep your Quest Log open and turn in quests from there. You can access your Quest Log by pressing L.

  • If you don't want to do this, you can try farming Sekt's "The Black Plague" quest by defeating the Black Plague. Select the top Scarab from the Map (top-right of the screen) to get there quicker. This will require a group if you're low level.