Craggle Rock



Member + Non-Mem

  • Complete Bamboozle's quests at /cragglerock. I recommend pinning the quests.

      1. "Star of the Sandsea"
        Defeat a Kalestri Worshiper at /wanders.

      2. "Ice Diamond"
        Complete King Coal's "Trade for the Ice Diamond" quest from /kingcoal by defeating Snow Golems at /mountfrost.

      3. "Dark Bloodstone"
        Complete "Trade for the Dark Bloodstone" from Orlok at /safiria by defeating Blood Maggots. There are two on the same screen in the castle.

      4. "Doomstone"
        Defeat Painadin Overlord at /brightfall (walk left).

      5. "Void Opal"
        Unending Avatar at /timevoid (select Timevoid from Braeus' Fast Travel at /shadowfall).

      6. "Mana Crystal"
        Click on the blue crystal just right of the Crystal Mana Construct at the end of the /downward map. Either /goto someone or complete Warlic's and Cysero's quests from /battleontown > /downward to access this.

      7. "Songstone"
        Complete Dorian's "Trade for the Songstone" quest from /mythsong by clicking on crystals around the map. One is hidden behind the French Horned Toadra.

      8. "Butterfly Sapphire"
        Complete Alina's "Trade for the Butterfly Sapphire" quest from /alchemyacademy by defeating Trollola Plants at /bloodtusk.

      9. "Understone"
        Complete Yara's "Trade for the Understone" quest at /battleunderc by defeating any enemies here.

      10. "Rainbow Moonstone"
        Complete Dr'Rader's "Trade for the Rainbow Moonstone" quest at /earthstorm by defeating Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Golems around the map. Keep the Floozer that drops as it's needed for Awe-scension.

      11. "Time Quartz"
        Join /thespan then, from Warlic, walk left>down>up into Inn and talk to the NPC.

After completing all quests, just farm "Ice Diamond" to get to Rank 10.