• Complete the Brightoak storyline. This includes /rivensylth > /elfhame > /darkheart > /gaiazor.

Member + Non-Mem

  • I recommend doing the Spirit of Aven Greywhorl's "Defeat the Guardian Spirit" quest from /elfhame. This will be very fast in a group or if you're high level.

  • Otherwise, complete Ælfred's "Night in Shining Armour" quest from /rivensylth.

      1. Select Evil and Chaos from Novus Bitterglow at the start of the map.

      2. Equip the Temp Owl from your Temporary Inventory (click scroll button from bottom-right) then take top-left path and accept the "Night in Shining Armour" quest.

      3. Then go back and equip Temp Fox. Take the path to the right into the caves.

      4. Farm the screen with 3 enemies and turn in the quest when you've got 10/10.


Member Only

  • Complete Aven Greywhorl's "Fungi for a Fun Guy" quest from /brightoak by defeating Grove Spores. From the starting screen, walk left>right x2>up to find Aven.