Black smithing




Member + Non Mem

  • Accept Cysero's "Volatile Temper Agent for Blacksmithing" and "Glowing Temper Agent for Blacksmithing" quests from /yulgar in the upstairs bathroom. If you're a member, also accept "Unknown Alloy for Blacksmithing".
    Complete them by using Chaoroot and Dragon Scales with Dragon Runestones at the /alchemy minigame. See the Alchemy guide if you aren't familiar with it or the reagents.

  • If you don't want to do it that way, you'll need to complete Warlic's and Cysero's quests from /battleontown > /downward. Then, complete Cysero's "Magic Sock it To You" quest from /battleontown by defeating Slimes at /swordhavenbridge and Wolves at /greenguardeast.

Tip: You can only get this faction to Rank 4.