Polly Roger


  • Level 80


Barnaby's "Sailor of the Celestial Skies" quest from /pirates is only available during September. Many of the enemies you need to defeat are very hard, so I highly suggest doing it in a group. Defeat the following enemies for each item:

  • Sapphire Orb x5
    Legion Lich Lord at /frozenlair.

  • Rumours of the Celestial Commander x5
    Diabolical Warlord at /lostruinswar (located at end of map).

  • Page 1 Scraps x10
    Animuses of Ice at /iceplane (requires completing map's quests or /goto).

  • Page 2 Scraps x10
    Ivoliss at /ivoliss (located at end of map).

  • Page 3 Scraps x10
    Nightbane at /thevoid (keep walking right and back to get the correct spawn).

  • Page 4 Scraps x10
    Ultra SN.O.W. at /extinction (requires completing map's quests or /goto).

  • Map of the Celestial Seas
    Empowered Prime at /starsinc (requires completing map's quests to get the Guard's Key or /goto).

  • Coffer of the Stars
    ArchFiend Dragonlord at /underlair (located at end of map).

Other pieces from this quest have the same boosts but having them in a pet is more convenient.


Item is animated.