Terces suinotlim


This is the map that you must travel through to start many Nation quests and farms. It can't be directly travelled to using the /join command. Instead, you can get there via two ways:

  1. Citadel
    Join /citadel and enter the cave to the right. Take the following path: middle>right x3>enter portal.

  2. Enchanted Nulgath Nation House
    To get there even faster, use an ENNH. For example, enter /house ver0 into the chat box and walk upwards for the portal.

You will also need 50 Bone Dust, which is dropped from enemies at /battleunderb. Old guides will suggest obtaining other items, like Escherion's Chain, but this is not needed.
If you want to, you can make a private /tercessuinotlim by getting to the portal room of /citadel where the /join command is enabled.


  • All paths assume your position is the starting room of /tercessuinotlim.

Oblivion, Death's Head
starting room.

Dark Makai

Evil Elemental
left > top-right.

Shadow of Nulgath, Ninja Spy, Carnage
left > middle.

left > middle > top-left.

Nulgath, Skew
left > middle > top-left > down > middle > right > middle > right > right > left > left.

Polish, Bamboozle, Void Highlord NPC, Zee, Taro, Twins, Swindle, Jadzia
left > top-right > top-middle (Polish, Bamboozle) > right (VHL, Zee, Taro)
> right (Twins) > right (Swindle) > right (Jadzia).
You can also find Polish and Bamboozle at /cragglerock.