Taro's Prismatic Manslayer


  • Membership

  • Level 80

  • Rank 10 Good

  • Taro's Manslayer
    If you have a strong soloing class or group, farm Taro Blademaster at /tercessuinotlim. You need a good class for this because he hits hard and has 200k HP.
    Otherwise, it's probably faster to just do Taro's "The Guardian Taro Blademaster" quest. It requires the Purified Claymore of Destiny, which you can get from Polish's "Purified Claymore" quest (Polish is located in the room left of Taro). For Polish's quest, defeat Undead Berserkers at /marsh2 and turn in the Warrior Claymore Blade. Then, turn in Taro's quest with 10 Gems of Nulgath (see Reagent Library) and the Dark Makai Rune, which drops from Dark Makai. Choose Taro's Manslayer as the reward!


Now that you have Taro's Manslayer, complete Taro's "A Test of Temptation" quest.

Use the Reagent Library for details on how to get the following items:

  • Tainted Gem x200

  • Dark Crystal Shard x125

  • Diamond of Nulgath x300

  • Gem of Nulgath x75

  • Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x35

Choose either the single or dual version for your reward.