Legion Tokens


Legion Tokens stack up to 25k.

Choose your method:

  1. Bright Paragon - Fastest
    If you happen to own this pet, complete its quests by defeating enemies at /brightfortress. The best room to do this in is the one with Commander Yulgar and 2 BrightScythe Reavers. This is the best method if you own it but unfortunately the Bright Paragon pet isn't available anymore.

  2. Shogun Paragon - Fast
    This is the best method for most players. You need the Shogun Paragon pet for it, which you can buy during Dage's Birthday event in March-April each year for 2000 LTs from /futurewardage. Farm its "Time for Some Spring Cleaning" quest by defeating Fotia Spirits and Elementals at /fotia. The drops stack to 50.

  3. Dreadrock - Slow
    Purchase the Undead Champion armour from Dage's Legion shop at /underworld. Use it to accept the "Undead Champion Recruitment" quest from the quest board on the 2nd screen at /dreadrock. Complete it by defeating enemies left of the quest board.

  4. Legion Arena - Slowest
    Complete the "First Class Entertainment" quest from /legionarena by defeating the Legion Fiend Rider (4% drop rate). This can be more efficient than Method 3 but that would require a group with Chrono classes and supports.

Alternatively, you can complete the Arcane Paragon's quest, but you'll need to be an endgame player with a Chrono class to make this work. Other Paragon pets include Festive, UW3017, Mounted, Dreadnaught, Holiday, Thanatos, Ascended, Regular, Hardcore, and Infernal Caladbolg. If you have them, use them until you can get Shogun (excluding Hardcore as it's not viable to farm). Generally, only the Bright Paragon is worth doing over Shogun.


= Most Important | Important

Seasonal - March/April

  • Shogun Paragon Pet - 2000 LTs
    Available at the Future War Merge shop at /futurewardage.

  • Legion DoomKnight - 2000 LTs
    This is a well-rounded class that's worth getting but only after the Shogun Paragon pet. You can get it from /darkbirthday.

  • Exalted Harbinger - 2000 LTs
    This class is not needed if you can get Legion DoomKnight. If you want it for fun or collecting, get it from /darkbirthday.

  • Legion SwordMaster Assassin - 5000 LTs
    This is a dodge-based farming
    and PvP class. Purchase it from /darkbirthday for 5000LTs and 300 Obsidian Rocks, which are from Dage's "Obsidian Mining", or if you're a member "Undead Legion Member Special", quest - defeat the Skeletal Fire Mages in the 4th level down at /temple. Only get it if you have leftover Legion Tokens.

  • Cosmetics
    Cosmetics can be bought from /darkbirthday and /futurewardage.


  • Legion Infinite Dark Caster - 2000 LTs
    This is a solid farming class but it's nothing spectacular. However, it's cheap and it allows you to get Legion Revenant, so definitely get this after you have the Shogun Paragon pet.

  • Legion Revenant - 40k LTs
    This is a fantastic overall class. I recommend it if you're willing to put the time and effort into it.

  • Yami no Ronin - 17.5k LTs
    This is a dodge-based soloing class with high single target damage. Unless you've got something better, like Void Highlord, it may not be worth getting unless you want a dodge soloing class.

  • Legion Castle - 25k LTs
    There aren't too many benefits of this house. Only get it from /underworld it if you really want it.

  • Cosmetics
    There are many cosmetics you can buy that are spread throughout the game. Some notable locations are /underworld, /envy, /frozenlair, /shadowblast, /dagefortress, /sevencircles, and /sevencircleswar.