Hollowborn Oblivion Blade


  • Level 80

  • ArchFiend Enchanted Orbs
    Use the Reagent Library to obtain the following:

      1. Diamond of Nulgath x150

      2. Unidentified 25

      3. Unidentified 13

      4. Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)

      5. Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x10

Then, go to Lae at /tercessuinotlim and complete his "Let's Make a Deal" quest for 100 Fresh Souls (stacks to 350). Just defeat Inquisitor Guards at /citadel and make sure to accept the Uni 36s that drop too (stacks to 3).
Then, go back to Lae and merge the weapon in his shop.


After obtaining the ArchFiend Enchanted Orbs, you can start the "Summoning and Stuff" quest from Lae. However, you need another Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem) to accept it. After, obtain the following and turn in the quest:

Use the Reagent Library for these reagents:

  • Unidentified 13

  • Diamond of Nulgath x500

  • Unidentified 25

  • ArchFiend's Favour x1000

  • Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x50

Then, obtain these reagents:

  • Diabolical Minion's Seed
    Defeat Diabolical Warlord at /lostruinswar (located at end of map).

  • 4th Dimension Gem
    Complete Anubyx's "Bring the Pain" quest by defeating enemies at /blackholesun.

  • Celestial Seal
    Defeat the Blessed Dragon at /goldenarena. If you can't access it, complete Aranx's "Greenguard Champion Badge" quest by defeating the Greenguard Dragon at /greendragon. If you complete all the quests here, you'll earn a character page badge.

  • Death's Power
    Defeat Death at /shadowattack (located at end of map). If you've been to Death before by completing the quick storyline from /shadowrise > /shadowattack, you can click on the NPC's Battle Death Again button for a teleport.

  • Fresh Soul x350 & Unidentified 36
    Complete Lae's "Let's Make a Deal" quest by defeating Inquisitor Guards at /citadel.


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