Classic Hollowborn
Paladin Armour


  • Level 100

  • Rank 10 Good

  • Rank 6 DoomWood

  • Original Drakath Armour + Ascended Light of Destiny
    Put the Original Drakath Armour in your inventory so that you can accept the Chaorrupted Time-Travel Fairy's "Ascended Drakath Gear" quest from /mountdoomskull. Complete the quest by defeating Dread Stranglerfish at /towerofdoom4 (requires completing the previous levels of /towerofdoom). Do it until you get the Ascended Light of Destiny, which you need for the 3rd quest of this farm.

  • Lae's Hardcore Contract
    Complete Lae's "Now We're Talking!" quest at /hollowdeep. For it, you need:

      1. Soul Potion
        Defeat Deathmoles and Crashrooms at /orecavern for Arashtite Ore and Dried Slime. Or, you can use Chaoroot and Necrot from Swindle at /tercessuinotlim if you'd prefer - this costs Gold rather than needing to farm enemies. Either way, I recommend having about 10 of each. Then, complete the Alchemy minigame at /alchemy - don't use a Dragon Runestone. If you aren't experienced with Alchemy, see here - you will need to be Rank 8 Alchemy to do this.

      2. Human Soul x50 (stacks to 300)
        Defeat Lightguard Casters and Paladins at /noxustower (walk left to find them). If you haven't completed the storyline, walk until you reach the gate to find 2 Lightguards and the Wolf, otherwise, keep walking past the gate to find 3 Lightguards.

      3. Fallen Soul x13
        Defeat the Undead Paladin at /doomwood. Go left from Arryd then follow the bottom-right path to get there.

  • Storyline Completion
    This includes 13LoC.


Complete Lae's Hollowborn Paladin quests from /hollowdeep. Each quest requires the reward of the previous quest to accept. The third quest requires the Ascended Light of Destiny too (check Requirements).

1. Let's Get You a Suit

  • Sparrow's Blood
    Complete "Experiment 231: Sparrow Blood Potion" from Reens at /arcangrove. If you don't know how to get to her, go up into the tower then walk into the blue portal at the bottom-right. To complete the quest, defeat Gorillaphants and Seed Spitters at the bottom and bottom-right of the overall map as there are 2-3 of each on either screen.

  • Brilliant Aura
    You should still have the Blind
    ing Mace of Destiny from farming BLoD (check your bank). Use it to complete Artix's "Finding Fragments with Blinding Mace" quest from /necropolis by defeating enemies at /battleunderb.

  • Dark Arts Scholar
    Purchase from Artix's DoomWood II Rep shop at /necropolis.

  • Gem of Superiority
    Defeat Legion enemies at /shadowblast (from the starting room, walk up, left, up).

  • Exalted Paladin Seal
    Purchase from Artix's Rep shop at /darkthronehub for 500k Gold.

  • Condensed Mana
    Defeat the Unending Avatar at /timevoid (select Timevoid from Braeus' Fast Travel at /shadowfall).

  • Human Soul x200
    Defeat Lightguard Casters and Paladins at /noxustower (walk left to find them). If you haven't completed the storyline, walk until you reach the gate to find 2 Lightguards and the Wolf, otherwise, keep walking past the gate to find 3 Lightguards.

2. I Got your Back (and your Top)

  • Templar's Helm of Light
    Purchase from Artix's DoomWood shop at /necropolis.

  • Destiny Cloak
    Purchase from Artix's DoomWood II Rep shop at /necropolis.

  • Dark Aura Gem

      1. Purchase the Silver Victory Blade from Loot Chest at /river. Then, complete the Loot Chest's "Victory Blade Enchantment" quest by defeating Skeletal enemies at /castleundead and Big Jack Sprat at /graveyard.

      2. Upgrade the sword to the Enchanted Victory Blade in Loot Chest's merge shop then complete "Alignment Quest: Light... or Dark?" by defeating more enemies at /castleundead. Choose the Dark Aura Gem as your reward.

  • Shadow Dragon Soul
    Select Necrocavern from Braeus' Fast Travel at /shadowfall then walk down.

  • Cryptkeeper Lich's Head
    Cryptkeeper Lich at /temple. You have to complete the quests on each level of this map to access it or /goto someone else.

  • Human Soul x200
    Defeat Lightguard enemies at /noxustower.

3. The Dark Sacrifice

  • Unidentified 25
    Choose your method:

      1. 1% - "The Assistant"
        Crag & Bamboozle or Drudgen
        This requires War-Torn Memorabilia from /yulgar in the Armour Shop, which costs 100k Gold.

      2. Merge - Swindle's Ripoff Emporium
        Swindle Bilk at /tercessuinotlim
        Trade an Unmoulded Fiend Essence. This method costs 15m Gold. I recommend just spamming "The Assistant" instead as it would cost 10m on average and also reward other reagents at the same time.

  • Seal of Light
    Complete Lady Celestia's "Seal of Light" quest at /alteonbattle by defeating Ultra Alteon in the same map.

  • Seal of Darkness
    Complete Lady Celestia's "Seal of Darkness" quest at /sepulchurebattle by defeating Ultra Sepulchure in the same map.

  • Undead Skull
    Defeat the Skeletal Minion at /artixpointe (take the path on the right then walk left).

  • Omni Artifact
    Obtain the following items and merge them in Artix's Artifact merge shop at /artixpointe. All of them are rewarded from Artix's quests in the same map.

      1. Unholy Wasabi
        Defeat the Corrupted Sushi Chef. From Artix, go right three times then up into the Sushi shop.

      2. Cysero's Doom Sock
        From the Sushi shop, walk right until you reach Stryche then walk through the left door and up into the well until you find Memet. Click on the arrow.

      3. Chickencow Claw
        Defeat ChickenCow at /battlefowl (walk up).

      4. Zorbak's Staff Skull
        Defeat Big Jack Sprat at /graveyard.

      5. Dragon Khan's Corrupt Scepter
        Defeat Dragon Khan at /ven
        dorbooths (walk right then up into the Hall of NPZZZ and continue right).

      6. Sir Ver's Broken Power Button
        Defeat the Mutated Server Hamster at /undergroundlab (walk down from the elevator then into the rightmost room).

      7. "Battle Gravefang"
        Defeat Gravefang at /gravefang.

      8. Death's Cursed Hourglass
        Return to /artixpointe. Walk left to the well then go back to Artix.

  • Human Soul x300
    You should know how to get these now.

4. The Post Summoning

  • Shadow Seal
    Defeat Nation enemies at /shadowblast (from the starting room walk up, right, up).

  • Human Soul x50
    You should know how to get these now.


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