ArchFiend Baby Dragon



Complete Lae's "ArchFiend Dragon Egg" quest from /tercessuinotlim. For it, obtain the following:

  • Fresh Soul x10 & Unidentified 36
    Complete Lae's "Let's Make a Deal" quest by defeating Inquisitor Guards at /citadel.

  • Breath of Life
    Purchase from As'iiur's Potion shop at /airstorm.

  • Fire Guardian Dragon Soul
    Defeat Fire Guardian Dragons at /queenspire. The quest must be accepted for it to drop.

  • Fiendish Brimstone
    Defeat ArchFiend DragonLord at /underlair (located at end of map). You'll need to group up for this unless you can use a dodge class like Yami no Ronin, Chrono Assassin, or Horc Evader.

  • ArchFiend Dragon Egg
    Purchase from Aria's Pet shop at /ariapet for 1m Gold.