Necrotic Sword of Doom


  • Level 60

  • Rank 10 DoomWood

  • Storyline Completion
    Complete Step 1 of Blinding Light of Destiny and quests from /maul > /necrotower until you get to Sally.

  • Recommended: Storyline Completion
    This includes the Iadoa 13LoC chapter and Yara's quests from /battleundera > /battleunderb > /battleunderc.

  • Recommended: Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armour
    This makes getting the bulk of the farm (Void Auras) far easier. I don't recommend farming NSoD without it.

Step 1

Obtain the following:

  • Void Aura x7500 (stacks to 7.5k)
    Both quests below will reward 2, 5, or 10 Void Auras. Choose your method:

  1. "Commanding Shadow Essences"
    Complete this
    quest from Braeus at /shadowfall (requires SDKA to accept it). You'll need:
    - Empowered Essence x50: Defeat enemies at /shadowrealmpast.
    - Malignant Essence x3: Defeat Shadow Lord at /shadowlordpast if you're a member. Otherwise, defeat it at /shadowrealm. To access it, complete "Key to the ShadowLord" quest from Skully at /shadowrealm (top-left>right from starting screen) by defeating enemies at /shadowrealmpast. Then, you can enter to the portal on the screen left of Skully.

  2. "Retrieve Void Auras"
    If you don't have SDKA, accept this quest
    from Braeus at /shadowfall. Use his Fast Travel feature to quickly get to each boss then obtain 20 Essences from them. Requires Rank 10 Evil.
    Since it's very tedious to do this method, I would recommend getting Exalted Apotheosis instead.

You'll also want to complete the Void Aura dailies, which require level 75 but reward many more VAs:

  1. "Glimpse Into The Dark"
    This quest requires membership and is accepted from Braeus at /shadowfall. Turn in:
    - Kraken Doubloon x13: Defeat the Chaos Kraken with the "Keelhaulin' a Kraken" quest accepted from the top-right button at /chaoskraken. Stacks to 100.
    - Ancient Trigora's Horns x3: Defeat Ancient Trigoras at /ancienttrigoras. Stacks to 3.
    - Graveclaw's Broken Axe: Defeat Graveclaw the Destroyer at /gravechallenge. Doesn't stack. Use the menu to the right on the first screen to get to Graveclaw.

  2. "The Encroaching Shadows"
    This quest doesn't require membership but it does need a group to complete. Turn in these items to Braeus at /shadowfall:
    Glacial Pinion: Defeat Warlord Icewing at /icestormarena.
    Hydra Eyeball x3: Defeat the Hydra Head 90s at /hydrachallenge (select them from the Dew Drop fairy at the beginning screen).
    Flibbitigiblets: Defeat Flibbitiestgibbet at /thevoid (keep walking right and back until you get the correct screen).

  • Barium x4 (stacks to 10)
    Complete Artix's "Mine Crafting" quest from /necropolis by defeating Balboa at /stalagbite. If you can't access this quest, complete the quests in Step 1 of the
    BLoD guide.

  • Cavern Celestite x1600 (stacks to 1600)
    Complete Yara's "Soul Searching" quest from /battleunderc, which will reward both Cavern Celestite and Undead Energy. For it, do the following:

  1. Exit left from /battleunderc then walk up the ladder to defeat the Undead Champion.

  2. Join a new /battleunderb and exit top-right to defeat Bone Terror at /battleundera.

  3. If you're a member, exit left from /battleunderd to defeat the Crystalised Jellyfish - otherwise walk to it from /battleunderc.

  • Bone Dust x5100 (stacks to 5.1k)
    Defeat enemies at /battleunderb (this will generally be faster in a private room). You will earn Undead Energy as you do this.

  • Undead Energy x10k (stacks to 10k)
    If you haven't gotten all 10k Undead Energy by farming Cavern Celestite and Bone Dust, just keep killing at /battleunderb.

  • Primarch's Hilt x2 (stacks to 3)
    Defeat Colossal Primarch at /bosschallenge. Unless you want to solo this with
    Chaos Avenger, Void Highlord, or a dodge class like Yami no Ronin, do this with a group.

  • Blade Essence x2 (stacks to 2)
    Defeat Chaorrupted Armour at /chaoscrypt (~1% drop rate).

  • Chaorrupted Hourglass x31 (stacks to 31)
    Defeat Chaos Lord Iadoa at /timespace (~20% drop rate). Complete Iadoa's 13LoC storyline to access him or /goto someone. I would also suggest getting a Dragonoid of Hours from Dragonoid at /mqlesson as it disables his Astral Shift ability - this doesn't need to be equipped to work, just in your inventory.

  • (Necro) Scroll of Dark Arts x4 (stacks to 4)
    Defeat Ultra Vordred at /epicvordred (~1% drop rate).

  • Doom Heart (doesn't stack)
    Defeat Ultra Sepulchure at /sepulchurebattle (~0.5% drop rate).

  • Necromancer Rank 10
    This class is needed to complete a quest in Step 2. To get it, merge the below items at Sally's shop in /necrotower then you need to get it to Rank 10 (follow XP section of New Player guide). You could also purchase it for 2k ACs but I don't recommend that.

  1. NUE Necronomicon
    Obtain this from Lady Speedstyk's Rep shop at /lightguard.

  2. Creature Shard
    Defeat Creature Creation at /maul.

Step 2

Go to Braeus at /shadowfall and do this:

  1. Merge 4 Barium of Doom.

  2. Merge 52 Bones from the Void Realm.

  3. Merge 3 Time Lord's Necronomicon.

  4. Complete "Find the Doom Blade's Blade".

  5. Complete "Find the Doom Blade's Hilt".

  6. Complete "Create the Doom Blade's Aura".

  7. Complete "Find the Doom Blade's Blade".

  8. Complete "Find the Doom Blade's Hilt".

  9. Merge Energised Blade, Hilt, and Aura.

  10. Merge Necrotic Sword's Blade, Hilt, and Aura.

  11. Merge Necrotic Sword of Doom.