Vordred's Armour



Complete the following quests from Vordred at /stonewood:


  • Defeat enemies at /warundead.


  • Bone Axe
    Defeat Big Jack Sprat at /graveyard.

  • Spine Gripper
    Defeat Angry Undead Giant at /battleundera (walk left then up) - 1% drop rate.

  • Dread Staff
    If you're a member, defeat Abaddon and Dreadspider at /twilight (walk right). Otherwise, defeat Dreadspider at /marsh.

  • O-dokuro Blade
    Defeat O-dokuro at /odokuro.

  • Ancient Skull Blade
    Purchase from Rayst's shop at /arcangrove.

  • Dracolich Destroyer Scythe
    Defeat Avatar of Desolich at /dragonheart. It can be found by walking to the very left of the map then walking up and continuing right.

  • Screaming Might
    Merge 10 Dark Palace Tokens at Aeneas' shop at /dagefortress. Just defeat enemies at the starting screen for them.

  • Boneblade of Gorgorath
    Defeat Gorgorath at /wrath or /dragonbone (located at end of map). If you haven't done any of the Seven Deadly Dragons story, complete the quests at /dragonbone to access Gorgorath.


  • Shadow Lich
    Purchase from Gravelyn at /shadowfall in the Evil Reputation shop (quickly access by exiting left from /shadowvoid).

  • Escherion's Robe
    Defeat Escherion at /escherion. You can either /goto someone who's there or complete Escherion's 13LoC saga from the Map > Story.

  • Undead Terror Armour
    Defeat Bone Terror at /battleundera by exiting right from /battleunderb.

  • Skulls of the Necromancer
    Defeat Shadow Dragon at /necrocavern (get there quickly by selecting Necrocavern from Braeus' fast travel at /shadowfall then walk down).

  • Undead Warrior Executioner
    Obtain the Undead Warrior Bruiser armour by defeating Revontheus at /underworld (located near end of map). Then, obtain 100 Dage's Approvals and 75 Dage's Favours from enemies in the same map - either do this in the room after the orange sphere portal or 3 rooms left of Revontheus. Then, merge all the items in Rogath's Favour shop at the start of the map (it's faster to rejoin /underworld than walk back).


  • Desolich's Skull x5
    Defeat Desolich at /desolich - it has over 8m HP. I highly recommend grouping up for this and the other bosses in this quest.

  • Undead Raxgore's Skull x10
    Defeat Raxgore at /doomvaultb. You'll need to complete the quests from /doomvault > /doomvaultb to access him as /goto doesn't not work. If you've done this already, you can get to Raxgore faster by talking to Valencia at /museum and selecting Artifact Quests > Armour of Awe > To the Crossroads. Then talk to Valencia again and select Armour of Awe > AQW Legend/Hero > More Details > Helm Boss.
    While fighting him, be careful as he can lock your abilities and has an ability called Counter Attack - you'll need to target off by clicking the X to the top-right of their portrait or pressing ESC.
    Use the chance to get the Helm of Awe if you haven't already.

  • Legion Lich Lord's Skull x15
    Defeat Legion Lich Lord at /frozenlair. I highly suggest doing this in a group but if you're doing this alone, you will need a dodge class like Yami no Ronin, Chrono Assassin, Horc Evader, etc.

  • Reaper's Skull x20
    Defeat Reaper at /thevoid. You can access them quickly by selecting Fight Me! from the NPC version of The Reaper at the beginning of the map.


  • (Necro) Scroll of Dark Arts
    Defeat Ultra Vordred at /epicvordred (~1% drop rate). You might want to group up for this.

  • Noxus Runes
    Defeat Extreme Noxus at /lightguardwar. You either need to /goto someone or complete the quests from /noxustower > /lightguardwar to access him. Then, select Challenge > To Battle from Noxus to access him.

  • Sally's Necronomicon
    Purchase from Sally at /necrotower for 20m Gold.

  • Ancient Evil of the Necropolis
    Defeat 5 Headed Dracolich at /necrodungeon. If there is no one at the boss to /goto, the directions are: get to the elevator > walk right to next elevator > enter the right door > walk right to next elevator > at the doom crawler, walk up into train > walk right to next elevator > enter right door and continue right.

6. "Empower Vordred's Armour"

  • Have SDKA in your inventory and purchase Vordred's Armour from /stonewood to accept the quest then defeat Ultra Vordred at /epicvordred.