Arch Doom Knight


  • Rank 7 Evil

  • 14+ Inventory Slots
    Buy these for 200 ACs each.

  • Storyline Completion
    This includes Treasure Hunter Z's quests at /shadowvault, Step 1 of BLoD, /noxustower, and 13LoC (Map > Story).


Go to the Ancient DoomKnight at /shadowvault and complete the following quests:

1. "Gathering Power"

  • Undead Energy x1800
    Defeat enemies at /battleunderb.

  • Human Souls x500
    Defeat Lightguard Paladins and Casters at /noxustower. There are two rooms near the end of the map that have 3 in them.

  • Dragon Energy x600
    Defeat Draconians at /lair by exiting left from /underlair.

2. "Death's Door"

  • Death's Power & Souls of the Dead x400
    Death at /shadowattack. He's located at the end of the map. If you've been to Death before by completing the quick storyline from /shadowrise > /shadowattack, you can click on the NPC's Battle Death Again button for a teleport.

3. "Chaotic Lords"

  • Chaotic Power x13
    You'll earn these as you obtain the items below.

  • Escherion's Helm
    Defeat Escherion at /escherion.

  • Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
    Defeat Vath at /stalagbite.

  • Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
    Defeat Kitsune at /kitsune. He's invincible while in fox form.

  • Wolfwing Armour
    Defeat Wolfwing at /wolfwing.

  • One Eyed Doll Breaker
    Defeat Kimberly at /palooza.

  • Ledgermayne (Armour)
    efeat Ledgermayne at /ledgermayne.

  • Tibicenas (Armour)
    Defeat Tibicenas at /djinn.

  • Soul of Chaos Armour
    Defeat Khasaanda at /dreamnexus.

  • Chaos Lionfang Armour
    Lionfang at /stormtemple.

  • Shorn Chaos King Crown
    Defeat Alteon at either /swordhavenfalls or /ultraalteon. /ultraalteon has the benefit of also dropping Relics of Chaos. I suggest doing this with a group unless you have a very strong soloing class.

  • Xiang Chaos
    Defeat Xiang at /mirrorportal. I suggest using Sentinel, Dragon of Time, or Healer for this fight as they all have abilities that deal damage based on your HP.

  • Drakath's Sword
    Defeat Drakath at /ultradrakath.

  • Chaorrupted Hourglass
    Defeat Iadoa at /timespace. I suggest getting a Dragonoid of Hours from Dragonoid at /mqlesson as it disables his Astral Shift ability - this doesn't need to be equipped to work, just in your inventory.

4. "A Means to an End"

  • Ultimate Darkness Gem x50
    Join /shadowfallwar then walk up>right. Defeat the 2 Ghouls and 2 Undead War Mages.

  • Undead Energy x2000
    Defeat enemies at /battleunderb.

  • (Necro) Scroll of Dark Arts x2
    Defeat Ultra Vordred at /epicvordred (~1% drop rate).

  • Doom Heart
    Defeat Ultra Sepulchure at /sepulchurebattle (~0.5% drop rate).

  • Dread Knight Cleaver
    Defeat Dark Sepulchure at /sepulchure.

  • Reaper's Soul
    Defeat Reaper at /thevoid. You can access them quickly by selecting Fight Me! from the NPC version of The Reaper at the beginning of the map.

  • Desolich's Undead Eye x2
    Desolich at /desolich. Group up for this as even with a strong soloing class, it'd take a very long time to take it down.


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