Original Drakath Armour



Complete "Build Drakath's Armour" from /confrontation. For it, you need the items from the Requirements tab above plus:

  • Unidentified 13 x3
    See the Reagent Library.

  • Treasure Chest x100
    Drops from any enemy in the game with a 0.75% drop rate.

  • Face of Chaos
    Defeat Drakath at /finalbattle. It has a 2% drop chance. This map has a limit of 1 person so you'll have to do this alone.

  • Le Chocolat
    Join /hyperspace then walk into the left door. The code for the door looks like this. The item costs 3.75m Gold.

  • Dage's Scroll Fragment x13
    Complete Loremaster Maya's "Embrace Your Chaos (Daily)" quest at /mountdoomskull. Complete it each day.

Once you're done, use the item you get to claim the armour from the Book of Lore in the Other Badges section. You can buy-back the Blade of Awe and Blinding Light of Destiny from your online account manager for free so don't worry.