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  • Regular enhancements can be bought from the Game Menu's Enhancement shops.

  • Awe enhancements can be bought from Valencia at /museum after obtaining the Blade of Awe.

  • See below for what enhancements each class should use. One thing to remember is that if you're in a group with crit-boosting supports, it's better to use Awe Blast (or Mana Vamp) over Spiral Carve.

SpC: Spiral Carve
AB: Awe Blast
HV: Health Vamp
MV: Mana Vamp


Abyssal Angel SpC

Abyssal Angel’s Shadow SpC

Alpha DOOMmega MV

Alpha Omega MV

Alpha Pirate MV

Arachnomancer MV/AB

ArchFiend SpC/HV

ArchPaladin SpC

Artifact Hunter SpC

Assassin SpC

Barber HV

Bard AB

Beast Warrior MV/HV

BeastMaster SpC

Berserker SpC

Beta Berserker SpC

BladeMaster SpC

BladeMaster Assassin SpC

Blood Ancient MV

Blood Titan SpC/HV

CardClasher SpC

Chaos Avenger AB

Chaos Avenger Member Preview SpC

Chaos Champion Prime SpC

Chaos Shaper MV

Chaos Slayer SpC

Chrono Assassin AB

Chrono Chaorruptor SpC

Chrono Commandant SpC

ChronoCommander SpC

ChronoCorrupter SpC

Chronomancer AB/MV/HV

Chronomancer Prime AB/MV/HV

Chunin SpC

Classic Alpha Pirate SpC

Classic Barber SpC

Classic Defender MV

Classic DoomKnight SpC

Classic DragonLord HV

Classic Exalted Soul Cleaver SpC

Classic Guardian SpC/HV

Classic Legion DoomKnight SpC

Classic Paladin SpC

Classic Pirate SpC

Classic Soul Cleaver SpC

ClawSuit MV

Continuum Chronomancer SpC

Corrupted Chronomancer SpC

Cryomancer Mini Pet Coming Soon MV/HV

Dark Chaos Berserker SpC

Dark Harbinger SpC

Dark Legendary Hero SpC

Dark Metal Necro AB

Dark Ultra OmniNight MV

DeathKnight Lord AB

DoomKnight SpC

DoomKnight OverLord MV

Dragon Shinobi AB

Dragonlord AB

Dragonslayer HV

Dragonslayer General MV

DragonSoul Shinobi AB

Drakel Warlord MV

Empyrean Chronomancer SpC

Enchanted Vampire Lord HV

Enforcer HV

Eternal Chronomancer SpC

Eternal Inversionist SpC/HV

Evolved Dark Caster SpC

Evolved ClawSuit SpC

Evolved Leprechaun MV/HV

Evolved Pumpkin Lord AB

Exalted Harbinger SpC

Exalted Soul Cleaver SpC

Flame Dragon Warrior HV

Glacial Berserker AB

Glacial Berserker Test MV/HV

Glacial Warlord SpC

Great Thief SpC

Grunge Rocker AB

Guardian AB

Heavy Metal Necro AB

Heavy Metal Rockstar AB

Heroic Naval Commander MV

Horc Evader MV

Immortal Chronomancer SpC

Imperial Chunin SpC

Infinite Dark Caster SpC

Infinite Legion Dark Caster SpC

Infinity Titan SpC

Legendary Elemental Warrior MV

Legendary Hero SpC

Legendary Naval Commander MV

Legion BladeMaster Assassin SpC

Legion DoomKnight SpC

Legion DoomKnight Tester MV/HV

Legion Evolved Dark Caster SpC

Legion Revenant Member Test MV/HV

Legion SwordMaster Assassin SpC

Leprechaun SpC/AB

Lord of Order AB

Lycan SpC

Master Ranger SpC

MechaJouster MV/SpC

Naval Commander MV

Nechronomancer AB/HV

Necromancer SpC

Necrotic Chronomancer AB/HV

Ninja MV

Ninja Warrior SpC


Nu Metal Necro AB

Oracle AB

Overworld Chronomancer SpC

Paladin MV

Paladin High Lord MV

PaladinSlayer MV

Pinkomancer SpC

Pirate MV

Prismatic ClawSuit SpC

ProtoSartorium HV

Pumpkin Lord MV/HV

Ranger SpC

Renegade SpC

Rogue SpC

Royal Vampire Lord HV

Rustbucket HV

Scarlet Sorceress SpC

Sentinel HV

Shadow Dragon Shinobi AB

Shadow Ripper AB

Shadow Rocker AB

ShadowFlame DragonLord MV

ShadowScythe General SpC

ShadowStalker of Time AB/MV

ShadowWalker of Time AB/MV

ShadowWeaver of Time AB/MV

Silver Paladin MV

SkyCharged Grenadier SpC

SkyGuard Grenadier SpC

Soul Cleaver SpC

Star Captain AB

StarLord SpC

StoneCrusher SpC

SwordMaster SpC

SwordMaster Assassin SpC

Thief of Hours MV

TimeKeeper SpC

TimeKiller SpC

Timeless Chronomancer SpC

Troubador of Love AB

Ultra Elemental Warrior MV

Ultra OmniKnight MV

Unchained Rocker AB

Unchained Rockstar AB

Undead Goat SpC

Undead Leperchaun SpC

UndeadSlayer SpC

Underworld Chronomancer SpC

Unlucky Leperchaun SpC

Vampire HV

Vampire Lord HV

Void Highlord SpC/AB

Void Highlord Tester MV/HV

Warlord MV/HV

Warrior MV/HV

WarriorScythe General MV/HV

Yami no Ronin AB


Acolyte AB

Arcane Dark Caster AB

BattleMage MV/AB

BattleMage of Love MV/AB

Blaze Binder AB

Blood Sorceress AB

Chrono DataKnight SpC

Chrono DragonKnight SpC

Cryomancer SpC

Daimon MV

Dark BattleMage MV/AB

Dark Caster SpC

Dark Cryomancer SpC/MV

Dark Lord SpC

Dark Master of Moglins AB

Darkblood StormKing SpC

Darkside SpC

Defender SpC

Dragon Knight AB

Elemental Dracomancer SpC

Evolved Shaman MV

FireLord Summoner AB

Frost SpiritReaver SpC

Grim Necromancer AB

Healer AB

HighSeas Commander AB

Immortal Dark Caster SpC

Infinity Knight AB

Interstellar Knight AB

Legion Paladin SpC

Legion Revenant SpC/AB

LightCaster SpC/AB

LightCaster Test HV

LightMage MV

Love Caster HV

Mage HV

Master of Moglins AB

MindBreaker MV

Mystical Dark Caster AB

Northlands Monk SpC/AB

Pink Romancer SpC

Psionic MindBreaker SpC

Pyromancer SpC

Royal BattleMage MV/AB

Sakura Cryomancer SpC/MV

Shaman MV

Sorcerer HV

The Collector HV

Timeless Dark Caster AB

Troll Spellsmith SpC

Vindicator of They MV

Witch AB


DeathKnight AB

Frostval Barbarian AB


Dragon of Time - Farming: HV, Soloing: AB
This class can also use Wizard.