Yami no Ronin


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you want a dodge-based soloing class.

  • Uses
    Best For: Soloing
    Good For: Short-Range Farming

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Awe Blast
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Defensive: Repeat 32225445
    Damage: Repeat 34242424245


  • Rank 10 Yokai.

  • Storyline Completion
    Complete quests at /darkally including "Defeat the Underfiend".

  • Recommended: Be a Legion Member.
    Allows you to farm Legion Tokens to make this faster.

  • Recommended: Paragon Pet
    Used to farm Legion Tokens.

  • Recommended: Damage-Boosting Items
    The majority of enemies in the following quests are Undead. I suggest getting the Blinding Light of Destiny beforehand.
    The Orochi Heads at /shadowfortress are Chaos. I suggest getting either the Chaorrupter Unlocked (or the Empowered Chaos Avenger's Greatsword) beforehand.

Step 1

Part 1

Obtain the SoulForge Hammer. Enter /underworld and go to Dage (walk right and down) then click on the SoulForge in the center of the room and accept its quest. Obtain the following:

  • Zardman's StoneHammer
    Defeat Zardman Grunts at /forest (walk right to find 3).

  • Iron Hammer
    Purchase from Loremaster Sara's shop at /greenguardeast.

  • Elemental Rock Hammer
    Defeat the Rock Elemental at /bludrut (exit up ladder from /bludrut2).

Turn in the quest and make sure the SoulForge Hammer is in your inventory. Clicking on the SoulForge will now open a merge shop.

Part 2

In this new merge shop, you can make the Shadow Katana Blade. For it, you need the following:

  • Platinum Paragon Medal x15
    Purchase for 1m Gold each from Dage's merge shop.

  • Yami x10
    Complete Dage's "Embracing Darkness" quest from /darkally by defeating enemies in the same map. Dark Wisps stack to 2.5k.

  • Folded Steel x1
    Complete "Forge Your Steel, Steel Your Resolve" from /darkally by obtaining the following:

      1. Flame-Forged Metal x13
        Complete "Need Flame" from Chanky at /underworld by going left until you can go straight down then head right to the frozen bridge. To complete the quest, defeat the Frozen Pyromancer past the bridge.

      2. Obsidian Rock x108
        Choose your method:
        - Legion Tokens: If you're a Legion member, you can trade 2 LTs for 1 Obsidian Rock in the SoulForge, meaning you need 216 LTs.
        - Member: Complete "Undead Legion Member Special" (click on Dage > SoulForge > Quests) by defeating Firestorm Hatchlings at /firestorm (right>up>right x3>up from starting screen) and Skeleton Warriors at /battleunderb. Stack both of the drops to 100 so you don't need to go back and forth. Whichever item you stack 2nd won't look like it stacks past 6 but this is a visual error - opening quests from an NPC will update it.
        - Non-Member: Complete "Obsidian Mining" by defeating FireStorm Hatchlings at /firestorm. To get to them from the starting screen, go right>up>right x3>up.

      3. Eternity Flame
        Defeat Amia the Cult Leader at /fotia - they are located at the end of the map.

      4. Weapon Imprint x15
        Defeat Raxgore at /doomvaultb. You'll need to complete the quests at both /doomvault and /doomvaultb to access him as /goto does not work. If you've done this already, you can get to Raxgore faster by talking to Valencia at /museum and selecting Artifact Quests > Armour of Awe > To the Crossroads. Then talk to Valencia again and select Armour of Awe > AQW Legend/Hero > More Details > Helm Boss.
        While fighting him, be careful as he can lock your abilities and has an ability called Counter Attack - you'll need to target off by clicking the X to the top-right of their portrait or pressing ESC.
        Use the chance to get the Helm of Awe if you haven't already.

      5. Shadow Katana Blueprint
        Defeat Jaaku at /shadowfortress - they are at the end of the map. If you'd like to, also obtain 888 Perfect Orochi Scales from the 3rd and 2nd Head of Orochi as these are used later. Complete the storyline from /shogunwar > /shinringrove > /greenshell > /heiwavalley > /shadowfortress to access these enemies.

Part 3

Now that you have the Shadow Katana Blade, complete "The Edge of an Era" from /darkally. This rewards the Yokai Sword Scroll, which is used for the final quest. Obtain the following:

  • Perfect Orochi Scales x888
    Defeat any Head of Orochi at /shadowfortress.

  • Oni Skull Charm
    Purchase from Mitsu Bishi's rep shop at /akiba - he's located in the first room. You need Rank 10 Yokai for this.

  • Darkened Essence x600
    Defeat enemies at /shadowrealmpast.

Step 2

Finally, we just need the Blademaster Sword Scroll. You have one of two choices when obtaining it. Read which one suits you below then follow the guide for each option then continue on to Step 3.

  • Option 1 - This involves being a Legion member. It makes the quest easier but also costs ACs.

  • Option 2 - This is for those who don't want to join the Legion, which will make this take longer.

Option 1

Complete "The Path to Power" from /darkally. You'll need:

  • Meditation
    Unless you alrea
    dy have the BladeMaster class, obtain SwordMaster from /underworld by purchasing it for 2000 Legion Tokens. You need to get your class to Rank 10 - just follow the XP section of the New Player guide. After that, complete "Meditation, Inflection" at /darkally.

  • Legion Tokens x17.5k
    See the
    LTs guide.

  • Sapphire Orb x13
    Defeat the Legion Lich Lord at /frozenlair. I highly recommend doing this in a group as even with a high-dodge class like Chrono Assassin, it would take a long time to get all 13 orbs.

  • Aeacus Empowered x50
    Defeat Ultra Aeacus at either /revenant or /judgement - whichever has more people. To join /revenant, you will need to own a Dark Caster class. If you don't have one, Infinite Legion Dark Caster can be bought for 2k LTs from /underworld - you'll need one anyway if you want to get Legion Revenant.

Option 2

Complete "Legion Sword Training" from /darkally. You'll need:

  • Sword Scroll Fragment x1000 & Legion Combat Trophy x400 & Technique Observed x50
    a private /dagepvp. Defeat the following:

      1. 4 Blade Masters
        Walk right until you can see an exit from the cave then go up and right. After defeating them, go back inside and continue going right. Once you've earned enough Legion Combat Trophies, you can just kill these enemies and then leave/rejoin the map.

      2. 6 Legion Guards
        Defeat these as you're walking right. They'll make Dage easier and earn you more Combat Trophies at the end.

      3. Dage
        If you still have time left, try and kill Dage. Otherwise, just wait to earn 1000 points. You will need a strong defensive soloing class to defeat him, even with the Legion Guards defeated.

  • Sapphire Orb x26
    Defeat the Legion Lich Lord at /frozenlair. I highly recommend doing this in a group as even with a high-dodge class like Chrono Assassin, it would take a long time to get all
    26 orbs.

  • Aeacus Empowered x100
    Defeat Ultra Aeacus at /judgement
    . Do this in a group - there may already be people here who are farming Legion Revenant.

  • Traitor's Tract x250
    Defeat the Underfiend at /darkally.

  • Ogre Titan's Resonance x250
    Defeat Oh'Garr at /shadowsong - you will need to complete all of Dorian Mode's quests to access him at the end of the map.

  • Shadow Dragonlord's Shroud x250
    Defeat the
    Titan Shadow Dragonlord at /shadowgrove - you will need to complete all of Galanoth's and Warlic's quests to access it at the top of inside the tower.

  • Discipline
    Blade Masters at /underworld.

Step 3

Turn in the "Yami no Ronin" quest to Dage at /darkally with both the Yokai and Blademaster Sword Scrolls in your inventory.


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