Vampire Lord


  • Worth Getting?

  • Uses
    Good For: Farming

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Health Vamp
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Start with 5, then Prioritise 3>4>2>5.


Complete Barnabus' "Blood Moon Token" quest from /mogloween in October. If you're a member, complete the member version. Merge the class with 300 Blood Moon Tokens.
For the quest, simply
defeat the Black Unicorn and Lycan Guard at /bloodmoon. Their drops stack to 100 each. Normally you'd have to complete the storyline here but you can also /goto someone who's at those enemies.

Vampire Lord is a duplicate of the Rare "Enchanted Vampire Lord", "Royal Vampire Lord", and "Vampire" classes. If you are an older player who owns any of them, you do not need this class.


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