Scarlet Sorceress


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you're a low-mid level player who doesn't have ArchFiend or Blaze Binder.

  • Uses
    Good For: Farming

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Spiral Carve
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Pre-stack 5, then Prioritise 3>2>4.
    Unless an enemy is at max HP, be careful not to use 4 before having them affected by 2 as this will make them heal (2 applies Decay, which stops enemies from healing from any source).
    You also don't need to use 5 often since it expires after 18s but it does restore mana on use (since it deals damage - to you), which may be useful for low-level players.


  • Storyline Completion
    This includes /hedgemaze > /towerofmirrors.

  • Level 50


Obtain Blood Sorceress by defeating Scarletta in /towerofmirrors. To reach her from the starting room, walk left > up > up > up > right > down. If you haven't done the storyline, see the Requirements section, or /goto someone at the boss.
Then, d
efeat one enemy with Blood Sorceress then turn in the Thief of Hearts' quest "Blood Sorceress to Scarlet Sorceress".