Pyro mancer


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you want a mid-level soloing class and plan on eventually upgrading to Blaze Binder.

  • Uses
    Good For: Soloing

  • Enhancement
    Wizard + Spiral Carve
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Start with 252324 then Repeat 23252324


  • Storyline Completion
    This includes /volcano > /xantown > /xancave.


Merge from Warlic in /xancave. This requires:

  • Shurpu Blaze Token x84
    Complete Warlic's daily quest "Shurpu Blaze Token" by defeating the Shurpu Ring Guardian, which is located at the bottom of the map. In total, this will take 7 days for non-members and 5 days for members as they have a quest that rewards more tokens.


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