• Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you want it for fun or you're low level.

  • Uses
    OK For: Soloing, Support (with Defensive Rotation)

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Mana Vamp
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Defensive: Start with 5 then Repeat 34242 (skip a 2 if you need mana). Replace a 2 with 5 to reapply its effect as it fades
    Damage: Start with 5 then Repeat 422. Reapply 5 as its effect fades.
    You may want to enable Class Actives/Auras UI in Advanced Options so you can see when 5 is about to fade


Purchase from Shadowmoon at /classhalla or /greenguardwest for 15k Gold.


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