Lord of Order


  • Worth Getting?

  • Uses
    Best For: Support
    OK For: Soloing

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Awe Blast
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Repeat 32455 OR 3245 if you need the buffs to be applied constantly.


  • Rank 7 Fishing

  • Recommended: Storyline Completions
    This includes the 13 Lords of Chaos
    storyline (Map > Story), /watchtower, /citadel > /citadelruins, /ravenscar, /spookeasy > /dreammaster, /shadowgates, /rivensylth > /elfhame > /darkheart > /gaiazor, /livingdungeon, /andre, /bloodmoon, /firewar > /northmountain > /charredplains, /doomvault > /doomvaultb, /yasaris.

  • Recommended: Chaorrupter Unlocked
    This drops from High Chaos Knight at /chaoswar - can also use another item that boosts Chaos damage.

  • Alternative: 11th Anniversary Collection Chest
    If you happen to own this chest, you can claim the Lord of Order class from it without needing to complete the below Quests section.


Go to /battleoff and complete the following quests from Mirror Drakath. You can only complete one per day:

1. Heart of Servitude

  • Pristine Blades of Order
    Defeat Chaorrupted Knights at /watchtower.

  • Dreadrock Donation Receipt
    Purchase for 1m Gold from Deathgore's shop at /dreadrock.

  • Deadmoor Spirits Helped
    Defeat Banshee Mallora at /deadmoor.

  • Mage's Gratitude
    Complete Polish's "Defeat Enn'tropy" quest at /citadelruins.

  • Ravenscar's Truth
    Purchase this from Mina's Ghost's shop at /ravenscar.

2. Spirit of Justice

  • Warden Elfis Detained
    Defeat Warden Elfis at /dwarfprison.

  • Piggy Drake Punished
    Defeat Piggy Drake at /prison.

  • Mysterious Stranger Foiled
    Defeat Mysterious Stranger at /mysteriousdungeon - just keep walking right. If you're stuck in the first room, click on the cake, the loose brick on the wall, the pencil inside, the rock next to the bucket, and then the cell door.

  • Calico Cobby Crushed
    Defeat Calico Cobby at /dreammaster.

3. Purification of Chaos

  • Chaoroot x15
    Defeat Ledgermayne at /ledgermayne for the Supreme Arcane Staff as you need it later. If you're low level, run to the safe zone when he's using Mana Discharge. If you don't get all 15 Chaoroot, purchase 10 from Swindle at /tercessuinotlim by trading a Receipt of Swindle (costs 300k).

  • Chaotic War Essence x15
    Defeat Ultra Chaos Warlord at /chaosboss.

  • Chaorrupted Particles x15
    Defeat Chaorruption at /shadowgates.

  • Purified Raindrop x45
    Defeat Chaos Lord Lionfang at /stormtemple.

4. Steadfast Will

  • Gaiazor's Cornerstone
    Defeat Gaiazor at /gaiazor.

  • Dakka's Crystal
    Defeat Dakka the Dire Dragon at /treetitanbattle.

  • Andre's Necklace Fragment
    Defeat Giant Necklace at /andre.

  • Desolich Skull
    Defeat Desolich at /desolich. Do this in a group.

5. Strike of Order

  • Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
    Defeat Kitsune at /kitsune. When he transforms into a fox, he is invulnerable.

  • The Supreme Arcane Staff
    Defeat Ledgermayne at /ledgermayne
    . You should already have this from getting Chaoroot.

  • Dragonoid of Hours
    Dragonoid at /mqlesson. This weapon can also be used against Iadoa to negate his Astral Shift attack as long as it's in your inventory (doesn't need to be equipped).

  • Safiria's Spirit Orb
    Click Take The Spirit Orb button from Safiria at /maxius.

  • Ice Katana
    Complete Yulgar's and Warlic's quests at /drakonnan. The sword is rewarded upon completion of "Inferno Heart".

6. Harmony

  • Unity of Life
    Defeat the Tree of Destiny at /elemental.

  • Harmony of Solace
    Defeat Faust at /orchestra.

  • Teamwork Observed
    Defeat Pactagonal Knights at /cathedral.

  • Scroll of Enchantment
    Defeat Queen's Archsage at /goose. To get to it, from the first Sage go down>right x3>up>right.

7. Ordinance

  • Acolyte's Braille
    Defeat Chaos Healer in the Willow Creek section of /newfinale.

  • Suppressed Drows x50
    Defeat Drow Assassins at /wardwarf.

  • Suppressed Undead x50
    Defeat enemies at /warundead.

  • Suppressed Horcs x50
    Defeat Horc Warriors at /warhorc.

  • Suppressed Weavers x50
    Defeat Weaver Queen Hounds in the Swordhaven section of /weaverwar.

  • Strength of Resilience
    Defeat Xyfrag at /thevoid. Just keep walking through the room to the right and back until you find it.

8. Axiom

  • Law of Nature
    Defeat Guardian Spirit at /elfhame.

  • Law of Time
    Defeat Kathool at /deepchaos.

  • Law of Gravity
    Defeat Shadowstone Support at /necrocavern. To get there quickly, select Necrocavern from Braeus' Fast Travel feature at /shadowfall then walk down and right.

  • Law of Relativity
    Defeat Reflecteract at /blackholesun.

  • Law of Conservation of Energy
    Defeat Tonitru at /thunderfang.

  • Law of Low Drop Rates x100
    Defeat Red Dragon at /lair. You can get to it quicker by exiting left from /underlair.

9. Blessing of Order

  • Weapon Imprint x15
    Defeat Undead Raxgore at /doomvaultb. You must have completed the quests at both /doomvault and /doomvaultb to access him as /goto does not work. If you've done this already, you can get to Raxgore faster by talking to Valencia at /museum and selecting Artifact Quests > Armour of Awe > To the Crossroads. Then talk to Valencia again and select Armour of Awe > AQW Legend/Hero > More Details > Helm Boss.
    While fighting him, be careful as he can lock your abilities and has an ability called Counter Attack - you'll need to target off by clicking the X to the top-right of their portrait or pressing ESC.
    Use the chance to get the Helm of Awe if you haven't already.

  • Lure of Order
    Purchase this from Faith's Fishin' Gear shop at /greenguardwest. You can get to her quickly by clicking on the map at the top-right and selecting Faith near the bottom. You'll need Rank 7 Fishing to purchase this.

  • Quixotic Mana Essence
    Defeat Ultra Xiang at /mirrorportal. I suggest using Sentinel, Dragon of Time, or Healer for this fight as they all have abilities that deal damage based on your HP. You might want to do this in a group too.

  • Inversion Infusion
    Defeat Serepthys at /yasaris.

10. The Final Challenge

  • Champion of Chaos Confronted
    Defeat the Champion of Chaos (Drakath) at /ultradrakath.


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