Frostval Barbarian


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you want another support class.

  • Uses
    Best For: Secondary Support
    OK For: Farming

  • Enhancement
    Fighter + Awe Blast
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Support: Pre-stack 4 then Prioritise 4>2>3
    Farming: Prioritise 5>2>3


Complete Robina's "Unleash the Frostvale Barbarian" quest at /frostvale during the Frostval event in December-January. It requires:

  • Sword of Hope
    Purchase from the Sword of Hope NPC at /icerise.

  • Sassafras' War Helm
    Complete Anthon's "Mana for the Magi" quest at /battlefield by defeating Slimes at /swordhavenbridge.

  • Fur Tuft
    Complete Gravelyn's quests at /alpine to unlock the "Forest Guardian Guantlet" quest - complete it by defeating Wendigo in the same map.

  • Icy Holly
    Complete the quests from /coldwindvalley. After finishing "Check out the Cave" from Ice Master Yeti, complete "Holly and Ice" from Blizzy at the same map - defeat Snow Golems and click arrows around the map.

  • Glaceran Key
    Defeat Karok the Fallen at /northstar. You may need to first complete the quests at /frozentower > /frozenruins > /northstar.

  • Infernal Ice Heart
    Merge 5 Frozen Orbs and 5 Crypto Tokens at Vinara's Odd Shop at /curio.
    Get Frozen Orbs by defeating Wargoth the Frozen at /frostvalfuture - you have to complete the quests at /frostvalpast > /frostvalnext > /frostvalpresent > /frostvalfuture to access this.
    Get Crypto Tokens by completing Vinara's "Odd's 'n' Ends" daily quest by defeating a Sneevil at /boxes.


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