Cryo mancer


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you want a mid-level soloing class.

  • Uses
    Good For: Soloing

  • Enhancement
    Wizard + Spiral Carve
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Start with 2532, then use abilities as they come off cooldown.
    If you need survivability, use 4 after 5, otherwise always use 3 after 5.


  • Level 50

  • Storyline Completion
    This includes /frozentower > /frozenruins > /northstar.


Merge from Syrrus in /frozentower or /frozenruins. This requires:

  • Glacera Ice Token x84
    Complete Syrrus' daily quest "Glacera Ice Token" by defeating a Frost Invader. This is best done in /frozenruins as there is one right outside of the room Syrrus is in. In total, this will take 7 days for non-members and 5 days for members as they have a quest that rewards more tokens.


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