Chrono Assassin


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you're looking for a dodge-based soloing class.

  • Uses
    Best For: Dodge Soloing

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Awe Blast
    If you're lower level, you may want some Thief enhancements. Keep applying them until you're at or above 86.05% Evasion Chance, which you can check from the Stats Overview from the Knight button at the bottom-right. This amount of Evasion guarantees that you dodge every attack that isn't considered True Damage
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Start with 5 then Repeat 2343
    If you're very low on mana, use 3 twice in a row. You can also pre-buff yourself by using 2343 on mobs before encountering a boss


  • Membership
    Although you need membership to obtain this class, it can still be used if your membership expires.


Merge 12 Saeculum Gems in Kairos' shop at /tachyon. These are rewarded from the "Chrono Class Quest", which you can accept from the button of the same name. The total amount of reagents that you would need is:

  • 12 Svelgr Fang
    Defeat Svelgr the Destroyer at /tachyon (~1% drop rate). Either /goto someone or complete Kairos' quests from /portalmaze > /tachyon to access.

  • 72 Sands of Time
    Defeat Chronorysa at /portalwar.

  • 144 Wraith Wisps
    Defeat Time Wraiths at /portalmaze.


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