Blaze Binder


  • Worth Getting?
    Yes, if you're a low-mid level player who doesn't have ArchFiend and already have Pyromancer.

  • Uses
    Good For: Farming

  • Enhancement
    Wizard + Awe Blast
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Start with 4 then Prioritise 5>3>2>4



If you've spent at least $9.95 on ACs or membership, you can claim the FireLord Summoner Bonus Package from your online account manager. It rewards the FireLord Summoner class, which is a duplicate of Blaze Binder.

Otherwise, purchase the Darkness Sigil and Flame Sigil from High Adept Caustus's Pyromancer Sigils shop. This requires Pyromancer to be in your inventory with at least 1 Class Point, as well as Rank 10 Doomwood and Rank 10 Embersea. Then, merge the class from her Merge Shop.


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