• Worth Getting?

  • Uses
    Best For: Farming & Secondary Support
    OK For: Soloing

  • Enhancement
    Lucky + Spiral Carve (use Health Vamp if needed)
    Enhancements guide

  • Rotation
    Soloing / Support: Repeat: 435>32[x6]>3
    If you're using this as a support, try to align your use of 5 with your group's most damaging abilities - important for Calendar classes
    Farming: Repeat 32[x6] > 4
    Do not use the 5 skill as it will remove your stacks of 2



If you don't want to purchase this class with ACs, complete the "Void Promotion" quest from Oblivion at /tercessuinotlim and trade the rewarded Abyssal Contract in the ArchFiend Merge shop. Use the Reagent Library for the following reagents:

  • Unidentified 13 x3

  • Pink Star Diamond of Nulgath

  • Immortal Joe's Black Star
    Defeat Mercutio at /mercutio.

  • Abyssal Star
    Purchase from Diligas' Diamond Shop at /evilwarnul. It requires:

      1. Dark Crystal Shard x200

      2. Tainted Gem x300

      3. Gem of Nulgath x200

  • Gold Star of Avarice
    Purchase from Swindle's Ripoff Emporium at /tercessuinotlim. You'll need almost 20m Gold to merge an Unmoulded Fiend Essence with 16 Receipts of Swindle, which are also both bought from Swindle.

  • Blood Star of the ArchFiend
    Purchase from Tharanak Hrii's shop at /shadowblast. It requires:

      1. Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x20

      2. Totem of Nulgath x8

      3. Void Aura x2

      4. ArchFiend Favour x999

  • Dirtlicker Demoted
    Defeat Dirtlicker at /fiendshard. Either /goto someone or complete the quests from /originul > /fiendshard to access.

ArchFiend is a duplicate of the Rare "Legendary ArchFiend" class. If you are an older player who owns that, you do not need this class.


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