Stacking Boosts

  • Boosts of the same kind don't stack.
    For example, if you equipped the Cape of Awe (25% XP, CP, Gold, Rep) and then the Dark Summoner armour (15% Rep), you would then have a 15% Rep and 25% XP, CP, Gold overall boost.
    The Dark Summoner's Rep boost replaces the Cape of Awe's because it was equipped after, even though it's a smaller amount.
    However, consumable boosts, server boosts, and gear boosts will all stack with each other, even if they're the same kind. For example, you could mix a 48hr XP server boost, a 1hr XP consumable boost, and the Cape of Awe. This would be the best time to farm if you can align all three.

  • What about damage boosts?
    Similar to above, you wouldn't be able to stack two damage boosts that do the same thing. However, you can stack items that boost damage to All with something else that boosts damage to a tagged enemy. For example, if you equipped the Void Warlock Armour (25% All) with the Blinding Light of Destiny (75% Undead), you would deal 118.75% extra damage against Undead enemies and 25% damage against every other enemy.

  • How do boosts stack?
    You may be wondering why the previous example of stacking the Void Warlock Armour and Blinding Light of Destiny (BLoD) resulted in a 118.75% boost. Why not 100%? This is because stacked boosts are calculated multiplicatively, not additively.
    For the Void Warlock Armour and BLoD, it would be calculated like this: 1.25 x 1.75 = 2.1875

  • Anything else?
    Damage boosts do not affect DoTs (Damage over Time) or HoTs (Heal over Time).

Best Mixes


Best Overall

  • Equip these items in the following order:
    Polly Roger > Head of the Legion Beast > Fire Champion's Armour > Awescended Omni Wings > EA or NSoD =
    Non-Tagged: 50-51% Boost
    Chaos, Elemental: 96.3% Boost
    Undead, Human: 111.4% Boost
    Dragon: 126.5% Boost
    Gold: 30% Boost
    CP, Rep: 50% Boost

Best Individually

  • Use these mixes for the best single monster-type damage boosts:
    AFDL or IFP + Empowered Chaos Avenger's Greatsword = 136.25% Boost
    Undead: AFDL or IFP + Blinding Light of Destiny = 136.25% Boost
    Human: AFDL or IFP + Prince Darkon's Poleaxe = 136.25% Boost
    Dragons: AFDL or IFP + Legion DragonBlade of Nulgath (needs membership to obtain) = 136.25% Boost
    Elemental: AFDL or IFP + Infernal Flame Khopesh = 136.25% Boost

  • If you don't own AFDL or IFP, use these instead:
    Chaos: EA or NSoD + Empowered Chaos Avenger/Drakath Armour = 126.5% Boost
    Undead: EA or NSoD + Head of the Legion Beast = 111.4% Boost
    Human: EA or NSoD + Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armour = 128.01% Boost
    Dragons: EA or NSoD + Fire Champion's Armour = 126.5% Boost
    Elemental: EA or NSoD + Polly Roger or ArchFiend DeathLord = 96.3% Boost

  • If you don't own EA or NSoD, you could replace them with:
    Void Warlock Weapons: 40%
    Awescended Omni Armblades: 40%
    Iara Merge Items: 35%
    Apostate Ultima
    : 30%
    Hollowborn Reaper's Kama: 30%

    Hollowborn Oblivion Blade: 30%
    Burning Blade of Abezeth: 30%
    Burning Blade: 15%
    Nightlocke Weapons: 15%

All Boosts

Click here for a spreadsheet of items that have boosts.