• 1500 ACs are given out for free each year.

      1. 500 for AQW's Anniversary event in October.

      2. 500 for Frostval event in December.

      3. 500 for Honourable Hero badge in January, which is rewarded to those who didn't get muted/banned for 24+ hours in the previous year.

  • If you've spent at least $9.95 USD on ACs and/or membership, you will have a Bonus Package available to claim from your online account manager. I recommend the FireLord Summoner pack to obtain a good farming class or Infinity Titan pack to obtain a great support class. If you don't want a class, consider the Hollowborn ShadowRaptor, Necrotic Pirate Commander, Akiban Blademaster, or Apocalyptic Lich King packs as they contain bank pets.


Don't buy things that are easy to farm for! The following suggestions can only be bought:

1. Join Legion - 1200 ACs

  • Joining the Legion provides many benefits, with the most important one being new classes. If you haven't joined the Legion yet and want to know how, click here. It costs 1200 ACs to get in but if you complete it all within 24 hours, you can get back 1080ACs, making the overall cost just 120 ACs. Here are the classes that you could get by joining:

  1. Available
    These classes can be obtained year-round with Legion Tokens (
    LTs). Includes: Infinite Legion Dark Caster, Yami no Ronin, and Legion Revenant.

  2. Seasonal
    Other classes can only be obtained during March-April for Dage's Birthday. Some cost LTs, like Legion DoomKnight and Legion SwordMaster Assassin. Others cost ACs, like Timeless Dark Caster and Immortal Dark Caster.

I suggest Infinite Legion Dark Caster (for farming) and Legion DoomKnight (for soloing) for new Legion members.

2. Nation Pets - 1500 or 5000 ACs

  • If you expect to complete Nation farms, I would suggest getting Nation farming pets because they make it easier to obtain many reagents. The best options are:

  1. Nulgath's Birthday Gift - 1500 ACs
    This pet has one quest that rewards many great reagents but it's only accessible by you. The downside is that it requires you to move around a lot. It's a lot cheaper than the next pet though.

  2. Crag & Bamboozle - 5000 ACs
    This pet is more expensive but also comes with a quest that can be farmed in one spot. It also makes farming Unidentified 13s a breeze. The downside is that its quests cannot be shared like Drudgen the Assistant.

  3. (Bonus) Drudgen the Assistant - 5000 ACs
    This pet is almost the same as Crag & Bamboozle, but synergizes very well with them to get the most used reagents for basically free. Crag's quest "Diamond Exchange" with Bamboozle's daily quest "GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE..." give free Unidentified 13s, which you can use in Drudgen's quest "Contract Exchange" to get Tainted Gems, Dark Crystal Shards, Diamonds of Nulgath, Gems of Nulgath, and Blood Gems of the Archfiend. However, this quest is only available to the owner of the pet, and it is up to you to decide whether that one quest is worth the price.

3. LightCaster - 1000 ACs

  • This class is not absolutely necessary to buy as it's restricted to level 80+ and there are better options at that point in the game. However, it's good for soloing and support and only costs 1000 ACs plus a bit of farming. If you want to get it before level 80, you'll only be able to use the downgraded version called LightMage, which is still a fine class - just make sure to use it with Mana Vamp.

4. ArchFiend - 2000 ACs

  • Due to this class' recent buff (15 Jan 2022), it has made purchasing other farming classes unnecessary. Instead, if you're looking to buy a great farming class right off the bat, I would go with ArchFiend, which can be bought from Oblivion at /tercessuinotlim. Keep in mind that this class can also be farmed at Level 50+.

5. Calendar Classes - 6000 ACs

  • Calendar Classes are some of the most expensive but powerful classes you can get. They are purchased from Stryche in Rewards > AC shop at /heromart. I suggest the following:

  1. ShadowWeaver of Time - 2017 Key 2.0
    Most versatile. Does well at soloing, group DPS, ultra bosses, farming, and PvP.

  2. Timeless Chronomancer - 2019 Key
    Best soloing class available, also great in a group.
    Requires reading & practice.

  3. Chronomancer Prime - 2011 Key
    Simpler than Timeless Chrono but also less versatile. Good for soloing and group DPS.

  4. Interstellar Knight - 2016 Key
    Better at soloing than CMP. Use supports like Arachnomancer and Dragon of Time in groups.

6. Bank Pet - 2000 ACs

A bank pet allows you to quickly access your bank from anywhere, which can be very convenient. If you have one, all you need to do is press B to access it even if it's not equipped (it just has to be in your inventory).
If you want one and don't care how it looks, get either the Zorbak or Twilly pet from the Game Menu in Shops > AC Gear. If you want one that fits your aesthetic, wait for cosmetic seasonal events like TLAPD (November). Otherwise, you should claim a Bonus Package from within your online account manager and get either the Hollowborn ShadowRaptor, Necrotic Pirate Commander, Akiban Blademaster, or Apocalyptic Lich King packs as they all contain a bank pet.

7. Inventory Slots - 200 ACs

Purchasing these are useful because they are needed for so many farms, like Void Highlord, which require you to have a minimum spare inventory slot amount of about 15. It's also good if you like to bring a lot of cosmetics and classes with you so you can switch between them as you like. Free inventory slots are rewarded near the end of each year.


If cosmetics are more your thing, consider some of the below suggestions:

  • Wheel of Doom

  • Evolved Orbs

  • Seasonal Events
    Cosmetics can be bought during events that occur in specific months throughout the year. Some events even have Collection Chests, which contain many cosmetics for 10k ACs. The best events are:

  • Nulgath's Birthday - January/February

  • Heroes Heart Day - February

  • Dage's Birthday - March/April

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day - September

  • Mogloween - October

  • Black Friday - November

  • Cyber Monday - November

  • Frostval - December


Unless you really want cosmetics, I would suggest buying functional items and saving the rest of your ACs for inventory slots or something else. These are suggested mixes for what you should get if this was your first time ever buying ACs - just make sure you Join Legion first so you can get ACs back:

  • 2k ACs
    Join Legion - 120
    Nulgath's Birthday Gift - 1500
    1 Inventory Slot - 200
    Total: 1820 ACs

  • 6k ACs
    Join Legion - 120
    Nulgath's Birthday Gift - 1500
    ArchFiend or 10 Inventory Slots - 2000
    Bank Pet or 10 Inventory Slots - 2000
    1 Inventory Slot - 200
    Total: 5820 ACs

  • 10k ACs
    Join Legion - 120
    Nulgath's Birthday Gift - 150
    Calendar Class - 6000
    Archfiend, Bank Pet, or 10 Inventory Slots - 2000
    1 Inven
    tory Slot - 200
    Total: 9820 ACs

  • 12k ACs
    Join Legion - 120

    Crag & Bamboozle - 5000
    Calendar Class - 6000
    4 Inventory Slots - 800
    Total: 11920 ACs